Daniel O Donnell Review

Shannon is in full flow by
Daniel o Donnell
DANCER Michael Flatley describes Irish singer Deirdre Shannon as having one of the purest voices he’s ever heard.
And Michael should know – in 1997 he chose Meath-born Deirdre to be soloist in his hugely-successful Lord Of The Dance and she performed all over the world.
Deirdre has also topped the World Music charts with hit show Celtic Woman. She has performed everywhere from Carnegie Hall and Radio City in New York to London’s R o y a l Albert Hall and The 02 in London and Dublin.
This wonderful singer’s latest album is called Anamceol, which takes the listener on a journey of love, nature and mythology.
Singing songs from a time almost forgotten, Deirdre’s album features a unique collection of treasures, from Maid of Culmore and Bonny Blue-eyed Nancy to Down By The Sally Gardens and Song For Ireland.
“I have always been a lover of songs that speak to the heart, whether they are of love, lost love or just simple things like nature,” she says.
“Our rich heritage offers plenty where these themes are concerned. The album is an intensely personal offering and hence my title, anamceol, music for the soul.”
Deirdre’s album, Anamceol, is out now.
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